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What is happening to New England Dragway?

On the evening of Dece, a meeting was held, with the shareholders of New England Dragway, located in Epping, New Hampshire. The primary topic of the meeting was a proposal to sell New England Dragway and its property. Sources indicate the shareholders voted the proposal down by a 428-78 margin.

Why is Fontana Dragway closing?

The drag strip had been a popular destination for professional as well as amateur racers for many years, but it closed down in early 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and has never reopened.
  • Is Fontana Dragway closing?:
    Auto Club Dragway, the 1/4-mile drag strip in Fontana, California, has permanently closed. The below announcement was made by officials from Auto Club Speedway, the 2-mile oval track also in Fontana, California.

When did LaPlace Dragway close?

March 1980 Simon will never forget the death of the LaPlace Dragway in March 1980, with the last day at the races marked by Marvin 1cScopey 1d Miller racing down the strip in a hearse. It was the perfect swan song, set alongside the drumming of engines and roaring crowds.

Who owns Cecil County Dragway?

"We are very excited about extending our agreement with VP Racing Fuels," said Jim Halsey, owner of Cecil County Dragway, Rising Sun, Md.

Is NHRA selling Atlanta Dragway?

What is happening to New England Dragway?

NHRA has announced intentions to sell the property after the 2021 meet. NHRA announced that the "2021 NHRA Southern Nationals would be the postrera major NHRA national event to be held at historic Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA."

Does New England Dragway sell alcohol?

No. The Town of Epping bylaws prohibit alcohol at New England Dragway with one exception. During the NHRA New England Nationals, the track is permitted to set up a beer garden for that event.

Who owns Atlanta Dragway now?

The 318-acre Atlanta Dragway was sold to Terra Commerce LLC.

Why is Milan Dragway closed?

Due to needed track maintenance, however, racing likely won 9t return to Milan until the 2022 season.

What’s happening with Fontana Speedway?

Is Fontana Dragway closing?

Plans are being made for most of the property now occupied by Auto Club Speedway in Fontana to be converted into a huge área for commercial development, but the speedway would still continue to be utilized for auto racing, according to San Bernardino County officials.

What NHRA track is closing?

Fourth NHRA Track to Close in Four Years… Baytown is No More! After alojamiento the SpringNationals for more than three decades, officials announced that the Houston Raceway Park had been sold to a Belgium-headquartered service provider for an expanding port development.

Will Auto Club Dragway open in 2022?

We thank all of the competitors, fanes and corporate partners who made so many wonderful memories at Auto Club Dragway through the years, and we look forward to making new ones as we embark on our 25th Anniversary Season at the 2-mile oval in 2022 .

Where was LaPlace Dragway located?

LaPlace Dragway was located in LaPlace La just west of New Orleans. The entrance and pits were right off Hwy 61(Airline Hwy) and houses were located on the right side of the strip. It was not unusual for people to be sitting in their back yards watching the races.

What is the oldest NHRA track?

The Redding Drag Strip is the oldest NHRA sanctioned drag strip in the United States today. It was accepted by the National Hot Rod Association in the Fall of 1953 and continues to operate.

When did Connecticut Dragway close?

1985 Drag Racing Facilities
One of them, Connecticut Dragway, was located in Colchester. It was a popular facility and operated regular racing events for more than 20 years, later under the name of Connecticut International Raceway, until it closed in 1985 .

Who is the owner of Cecil County Dragway?

Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, Maryland first held drag races in 1963. Since then the track has become one of the most active drag plants in the mid-Atlantic region and plays host of a lot of neat events, including the YellowBullet.com Nationals. It is currently operated by nitrous Pro Mod maven Jim Halsey.

Who bought Osceola Dragway?

Martin Dairy Farms and Green Cow Power told 16 News Now over the phone that they bought the property.

How much does Cecil County Dragway cost?

Gates open 10am, Testing 11am-5pm. $250 per car .

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